Polygon zkEVM Integrated on ZeroSwapDEX


At ZeroSwapDEX, we are thrilled to announce the integration of Polygon's zkEVM (Zero-Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine). Users can now bridge and swap tokens seamlessly leveraging the cutting-edge zkRollup technology.

In this blog post, we will delve into the exciting features and advantages of the Polygon zkEVM integration, revolutionising the way users engage in cross-chain transactions on

ZeroSwapDEX and XY Finance Integration

As a trailblazer in the cross-chain space, ZeroSwapDEX has partnered with XY Finance, to bring this integration to life. By harnessing the XY Finance API, we become the ultimate platform for users seeking cross-chain trading opportunities within our ecosystem.

This collaboration aims to provide a comprehensive and seamless trading experience, combining the strengths of both platforms to offer users unrivalled access to a vast array of tokens.

Seamless Cross-Chain Integration Features:

  1. Cross-Chain Vertical in ZeroSwap: Our integration with XY Finance is designed to facilitate cross-chain transactions within the ZeroSwap ecosystem. This means users can now bridge and swap tokens effortlessly.
  2. Initial Integration with XY Finance API: We are excited to unveil our initial integration with XY Finance API, which serves as the primary gateway for users to access the Polygon zkEVM network through ZeroSwapDEX. This integration empowers users to bridge and swap 11 tokens extending their capabilities to Polygon zkEVM seamlessly.

3. Future Integrations: In the future, we plan to integrate additional partners such as Socket.Tech and Li.Fi into our meta aggregator framework. This expansion will unlock even more cross-chain opportunities for users, enabling access to diverse ecosystems within the DeFi landscape.

Advantages of Polygon zkEVM Integration:

  1. Low Transaction Costs: With Polygon zkEVM, you can enjoy significantly reduced transaction costs. By leveraging Zero-Knowledge proofs, we have achieved a cost-efficient cross-chain trading environment, eliminating excessive fees and enhancing accessibility for all users.
  2. High Performance and Fast-Finality: The integration of ZK proofs enables Polygon zkEVM to achieve fast-finality through frequent validity proofs. This ensures that transactions on ZeroSwapDEX are executed swiftly and reliably, providing users with a seamless trading experience.
  3. EVM Compatibility: Polygon zkEVM seamlessly supports the vast majority of smart contracts, wallets, and tools within the Ethereum ecosystem. This compatibility allows users to leverage their existing Ethereum infrastructure seamlessly when engaging with ZeroSwapDEX on Polygon zkEVM.
  4. Ethereum Security: By inheriting the security of Ethereum's Layer 1, Polygon zkEVM ensures a robust and secure trading environment for ZeroSwapDEX users. The ZK proofs reduce transaction costs and increase throughput while maintaining the high level of security synonymous with Ethereum.
  5. Promising Ecosystem: Users can explore a diverse range of DeFi protocols, liquidity pools, and innovative projects, enhancing their engagement within the broader DeFi space.
  6. Potential Airdrops: We are excited to share that bridging to Polygon zkEVM may unlock airdrop opportunities, as hinted by Polygon's co-founder. This adds an extra layer of excitement for ZeroSwapDEX users, providing the potential for additional rewards and incentives as they participate in our platform on the Polygon zkEVM

How To Swap on ZeroSwapDEX with zkEVM

In order to start swapping; make sure you have Polygon zkEVM network connected to your wallet. The details are Network Name: Polygon zkEVM New RPC URL: https://zkevm-rpc.comChain ID: 1101 Currency Symbol: ETH Block Explorer URL: https://zkevm.polygonscan.com/

You can also get $ETH on zkevm chain by bridging from ethereum here. You are now ready to start!

  1. Open ZeroSwapDEX

2. Connect Your Wallet

3. Switch to zkEVM

4. Select the tokens of your choice out of $ATF, $DAI, $DOV, $ETH, $MATIC, $USDC, $USDT, $WBTC, $WETH, stMATIC, xyETH

5. Enter the values

6. You are now ready to confirm your swap

7. Your Direct Swap on zkEVM is now complete!

About Polygon zkEVMPolygon zkEVM is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that leverages the scaling power of zero-knowledge proofs while maintaining Ethereum compatibility. Developers and users on Polygon zkEVM can use the same code, tooling, apps, etc that they use on Ethereum, but with much higher throughput and lower fees. Polygon zkEVM offers compatibility and scalability without compromise.

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About XY FinanceXY Finance is a cross-chain interoperability protocol aggregating DEXs & Bridges. With the ultimate routing across multi-chains, borderless and seamless swapping is just one click away.

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About ZeroSwap

ZeroSwap provides users with a simplified way to swap on multichains with zero gas fees. We pay gas for users when they swap on-chain, using meta-transactions.

We are live on Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and Fantom and plan to integrate Optimism, CELO, Aurora, and Ethereum Chain soon.

In addition, our product suite includes the Gasless ZeroSwapDEX, Staking, IDO platform ZeeDO and our native Bi-directional Bridge, and a B2B Service Based Product called DeFi Wizard.

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