Rapid 02: Trade with Socket.Tech and Win $500 in Rewards + $ARB!

Rapid 02: Trade with Socket and Win $500 in Rewards + $ARB!

Rapids are back again, and this time with a punch! Trade via Socket and stand a chance to win rewards from a $500 pool! But wait, there's more – you can also win rewards from a staggering 1 Million $ARB pool by trading on the Arbitrum chain through Socket $ARB Rush campaign.

Rapids02 Overview:

Event Date: 9th Feb-29thFeb
Trade via Socket.Tech: Participate in Rapids02 by routing your trades through Socket, on any chain.
Top 25 Traders Win: Be among the top 25 traders to claim your share of the rewards.

How to Participate:

  1. Open app.zeroswap.io
  2. Choose a chain of your choice
  3. Route your trades via Socket

    As a bonus, you can win rewards from Socket's $ARB Rush program on Arbitrum, securing a share of 1 Million $ARB Tokens!

How to win $ARB rewards?

  1. Hop onto http://app.zeroswap.io
  2. Make your trades with ‘Arbitrum’ chain as your destination
  3. Route your trades via Socket
  4. Win from 1 Million $ARB

Learn more about $ARB Rush here

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to trade, compete, and win big with Rapids02! Join us on ZeroSwapDEX via Socket and start trading your way to rewards today.

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