Unveiling Test Drive: Explore, Earn, and Stake with ZeroSwapDEX


'Test Drive' #ZeroSwapDEX's Incentivised Testnet 

In the ever-evolving world of WEB3, it's crucial to stay ahead and seize the opportunities that arise. We aim to bridge the gap between technological advancements and the potential for airdrop rewards while testing out new products.

At ZeroSwapDEX, we are thrilled to announce our latest offering, Test Drive—an incentivized testnet experience that takes your exploration of various chains, platforms, and protocols to new heights.

Our vision at ZeroSwap is to provide users from all corners of the globe with seamless access to blockchains and DeFi. With Test Drive, we have created a platform that not only educates you but also allows you to test and learn about new blockchains. From comprehensive how-to guides to interactive quizzes and engaging polls, we have simplified the learning process to ensure you grasp the concepts behind these innovative launches.

In this blog, we'll dive into the concept behind Test Drive, the rewards it offers, and how it one-up your crypto experience!

The Concept Behind Test Drive

Test Drive is a platform where you can come and try out different testnets. These testnets serve as sandboxes for you to experiment with new chains, platforms, and protocols. With Test Drive, you can step into the future of DeFi, gaining valuable insights and expanding your crypto horizons.

What Is In It For You?

  1. Incentivized Testnets and Rewards: The Test Drive experience goes beyond exploration—it rewards your active participation. As you dive into the incentivised testnets, you'll earn rewards for your efforts. Each interaction with the testnets unlocks exciting possibilities and the potential to earn valuable tokens.
  2. Staking $ZEE for Airdrop Tokens: But the rewards don't stop there! ZeroSwapDEX actively participates in various testnets and airdrop programs. If we win any airdrop tokens from these testnets, we will generously share them with our loyal users who have staked $ZEE and have participated in testnets.

    This adds an extra layer of excitement and potential rewards for the Test Drive participants.

The Benefits of Test Drive

Test Drive brings a range of benefits to you, including:

a) Exploration: Discover and explore new chains, platforms, and protocols to gain a comprehensive understanding of their capabilities.

b) Rewards: Earn valuable tokens and rewards for your active participation in the incentivised testnets.

c) Upgradability: Test Drive allows us to continuously upgrade and enhance the platform, ensuring a cutting-edge experience for you.

d) Community Engagement: Join our vibrant community of like-minded individuals, share insights, and learn from others' experiences.

Test Drive is your gateway to a world of innovation and opportunity. With incentivised testnets, exciting rewards, and the potential to earn airdrop tokens, Test Drive is set to revolutionise your crypto journey. We will be announcing the very first testnet on Test Drive tomorrow; 19th July’23!
Stay tuned to know more about participating & winning!

About ZeroSwap

ZeroSwap provides users with a simplified way to swap on multichains with zero gas fees. We pay gas for users when they swap on-chain, using meta-transactions.

We are live on Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and Fantom and plan to integrate Optimism, CELO, Aurora, and Ethereum Chain soon.

In addition, our product suite includes the Gasless ZeroSwapDEX, Staking, IDO platform ZeeDO and our native Bi-directional Bridge, and a B2B Service Based Product called DeFi Wizard.

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