ZeroSwap Partners with Frontier Wallet

ZeroSwap Integrates Frontier Wallet


  • ZeroSwap users can now access Frontier Wallet Web Extention on the platform.
  • Frontier Wallet is a unified non-custodial wallet to Store, Stake, Swap, Bridge Crypto & NFTs. Interact with DeFi apps, 35+ Blockchains & ecosystems.
  • Users can also access multiple chains via one wallet.
  • Our users get access and support to 25 different chains.
  • Frontier utilises a fraud-detection engine to scan every single transaction to safeguard users from signing malicious transactions.
  • Our wide array of innovative ZeroSwap products, including ZeeDo and ZeroswapDEX, will be accessible on Frontier Wallet.
  • ZeroSwap will empower Frontier Wallet users to swap tokens on MultiChains with gasless transactions and zero fees.

Integration of ZeroSwap Products on Frontier Wallet

Welcoming Frontier Wallet and integrating them into our ecosystem is quite exciting for us. With this integration of ZeroSwap products on the Frontier Wallet, users can now access a wide array of ZeroSwap Products in just a few simple taps.

  • Bridge Integration — Integrating the multichain compatible ZEE on the bridge to become accessible on Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, & Avalanche.
  • Users will be able to swap tokens on MultiChains with gasless transactions and zero fees.
  • Participate in IDOs on ZeroSwap DEX Offering, a multi-chain IDO platform, helping companies launch MultiChains.

Impact of This Integration On ZeroSwapDEX & Frontier Users

  • The integration will enhance the attractiveness and stimulate the IDO Companies to launch tokens using Frontier Wallet and ZeroSwapDEX Collaboration availing the array of benefits they can leverage.
  • Further, with the bridge integration, companies on other blockchains will expand their scope to MultiChains.
  • Existing Frontier users will be able to enjoy the benefits of swapping with gasless trades.
  • This ZeroSwap's collaboration with Frontier is driven out of the shared vision of providing users with the capability to access MultiChains under one roof.

The Here & Now

We are thrilled to announce this collaboration & integration with Frontier Wallet.

If you’re looking for a streamlined crypto-related wallet that is well-integrated within the diverse horizons of decentralized finance, this is the right place for you.

The Frontier wallet integration will provide an option for one more essential wallet, right on ZeroSwapDEX for users to access. This will allow access to multiple chains on one wallet with Frontier Wallet supporting more than 25 chains.

Frontier Wallet utilises a fraud detection engine to scan every single transaction made in order to safeguard you from signing malicious transactions and keeping your assets safe.

Moreover, users can now see the transaction data displayed in a user-friendly tab that is easier to read and understand.

The Future

Our mission is to build an expansive DeFi ecosystem that offers improved functionality and paints a brighter future for crypto. Our initiatives now and in the future are geared towards achieving this goal. We believe that our community plays a crucial role in this endeavour, and we are committed to empowering you with a seamless DeFi experience.

This integration will be followed by Frontier Wallet integrating the ZeroSwapDEX onto their platform. This will allow Frontier users to experience the additional benefits of seamless - gasless transaction via ZeroSwapDEX right in their wallets!

Joining our dynamic and global community is easy - all it takes is a few clicks. As we continue to innovate and expand, our focus will always be on delivering the best possible DeFi experience to you. We invite you to connect with us on social media and join us on this exciting journey towards the future of money.

About Frontier Wallet

The unified non-custodial Wallet to Store, Stake, Swap, Bridge Crypto & NFTs. Interact with DeFi apps, 35+ Blockchains & ecosystems. Frontier is a Crypto, DeFi, and NFT wallet browser extension where you can send, store & invest in crypto assets across multiple chains. Explore DeFi in multiple ecosystems, collect and display NFTs, and browse all of Web3 from a single place.

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About ZeroSwap

ZeroSwap provides users with a simplified way to swap on multichains with zero gas fees. We pay gas for users when they swap on-chain using meta-transactions.

We are live on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Optimism, Celo & Arbitrum Chain.

In addition, our product suite includes the Gasless ZeroSwapDEX, Staking, IDO platform ZeeDO and our native Bi-directional Bridge, and a B2B Service Based Product called DeFi Wizard.

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