ZeroSwap's Year In Review 2022

ZeroSwap's Year In Review 

2022- What a year! This year has been a remarkable journey, and we are ready to end it with vigour! 2022 was a year full of Experimenting, Building, Re-inventing  & Delivering exquisite user experience. This year, we made sure to deliver our best to our customers. We did this by listing to their feedback.

We began 2022 with a bang by becoming an exclusive part of CoinmarketCap' project Gravity. Not only that, but we also extended our operation by merging with DeFi Wizard!

We introduced gasless swaps on 6 new chains, including Avalanche, Celo, Optimism, Fantom, Arbitrum, and the most awaited Ethereum. Bring our gasless support to a total of 8 chains.

We focused on building community together by launching the P2E Leaderboard on $FRONT, $BUSD, $BICO, $EGLD, $LINK, $C98, $BNB, $MARSH, $ODDZ.

We moved our users an inch closer to comfort by incorporating multi-wallet support on the DEX and IDO with Metamask, Wallet Connect, Binance wallet, Coinbase, Fortmatic, Portis, Authereum & Coin 98.

We indulged in farming with $ZEE / BNB & $ZEE/ $AVAX farming on Pangolin. We re-energised ourselves and our community with a striking new UI-UX and website revamp. This revamp was designed while keeping the user experience in mind.

We broke some myths related to Web 3.0 and made our user's transactions more seamless.

We travelled across the globe to meet our users. We went to the Avalanche Summit, Token 2049, Crypto Week Dubai, India Blockchain Week, and ETH India. Interacting with our users, made us aware of what they wanted and how we could improve our product.

We launched our own weekly newsletter to update our users about weekly updates related to NFTs and Crypto (Have you subscribed to it?)

And now we are finally ending 2022 on a high note by introducing the most awaited Cross-Chain swaps across chains in association with DeBridge!

We are all set to climb new heights in 2023 by continuing to build our way to the top, starting with:  

  • P2P Trades: Where two users can exchange cryptocurrency without the involvement of a third party.
  • Limit Orders: Where users can choose orders according to their own price to buy or sell.
  • Batch transactions: Where users' transactions can be processed in groups or batches.
  • Fiat Gateway:  Where users can use fiat currencies to purchase cryptocurrencies.
  • Prediction Markets: Where users can predict specific outcomes using financial incentives.

This is just the beginning.

Together let's change the Web 3.0 space! See you next year!

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